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IoT products are complex. If you’re like most IoT PMs, you’re wasting hours looking for information online, or simply unsure where to start.

That’s why I developed The IoT Product Manager Certificate Program. It's the only program specifically designed for IoT Product Managers. You’ll learn exactly how to plan for and manage any IoT product. And at the end, you’ll receive a certificate proving you have what it takes to manage IoT products like a pro.

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Receive the first of 7 courses in the Certificate Program for free. Course 1: “Introduction to IoT Product Management” is packed with essential knowledge that will help you tackle any IoT product, including:

Part 1: Introduction to the Internet of Things

Cut through the hype and learn exactly what makes an IoT product, from a Product Manager’s perspective. I explain the five layers of the IoT technology stack, and why IoT Product Management is so complex.

Part 2: Product Management for the Internet of Things

Tackle any IoT product with the IoT Decision Framework. You’ll learn to make strong, consistent product strategy decisions…from UX to data to business and more...from hardware all the way to cloud applications.

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Russell Sprole

The course is fantastic! Daniel does an excellent job breaking down the incredibly complex world of IoT in a very clear and concise way.

Russell Sprole, Entrepreneur

Meet Your Instructor

Daniel Elizalde is an Internet of Things (IoT) expert with over 17 years of experience as a product leader, consultant, and software engineer. He is the creator of the IoT Decision Framework, a comprehensive method for IoT product management & strategy.

Daniel’s diverse background includes working at Fortune 500 companies and growth-stage start-ups, as well as product companies and services companies.


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